ADU Eastside Tour  

Saturday, April 13th11am - 3pm

Eastside, Los Angeles. Four residential addresses will be released to ticket holders. The tour is self-directed; tickets and a map will be issued via email.


🏡 Discover Innovative Living Spaces: The LA Forum Eastside ADU Tour 

Accessory Dwelling Units, granny flats, backyard cottages - whatever we call them, these self-contained living spaces are helping to reduce the gap between housing demand and supply. Typically built on the same lot as an existing single-family home, these small homes can increase housing supply, provide multi-generational living, and additional income to homeowners. 

With the city of LA streamlining the permitting process and implementing incentives for  homeowners, architects are finding innovative ways to go small, rethinking residential design. Join the LA Forum for a self-guided ADU tour on the Eastside of Los Angeles. This event offers a rare opportunity to experience four distinct homes, each with its own story to tell and a vision for redefining modern living:

🌿 Cover ADU 

Step into the serene ambiance of Cover's custom-built ADU, nestled on a hillside through lot. Delve into the ingenuity behind this panelized building system, designed to blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings. Explore the thoughtful details that elevate everyday living into a luxury experience.


For architect Warren Techentin each project is a reflection of its unique environment. This ADU, located on a hillside overlooking busy Glendale Boulevard in Silver Lake, was designed for a young family with diverse needs. The many existing, small structures in the neighborhood inspired the fragmentation of the massing of the ADU – to create a doppelganger of sorts – a pair of petite structures joined at a corner, allowing rooms to be arranged in a split section.

🏘️ Bunch Design

Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity at Bunch Design's ADU, adjacent to the historic craftsman houses of the Hollywood Grove HPOZ. While located outside of the HPOZ, Bunch wanted to use familiar materials and massing to complement nearby bungalows. The result is a 1,000 SF house for the homeowner’s retired parents and a 400 SF home office above that blends seamlessly into the surrounding neighborhood. 

🏙️ Office Of: Office

Office Of: Office is a minority and women-led urban planning and architecture non-profit

that designs policy, projects, and programs for equitable city growth. Office Of: Office's work focuses on alternative models for neighborhood-scale design across Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods. In partnership with Mayor Garcetti’s Innovation Team and

Council District 1, this ADU Pilot Project aimed to demonstrate a thoughtfully-designed

backyard home that also served as a model for affordable construction and financial

loan innovation. The ADU is a newly built 1,025 SF, two-story, two bedroom home

located in Highland Park.

Join us on this exciting self-guided tour of ADUs, where creativity meets functionality and every space tells a story. Reserve your spot today and be part of a journey towards reimagining the way we live.

The details:

🗓️ Date: Saturday April 13th
🕒 Time: 11am - 3pm

📍 Where: Eastside, Los Angeles. Four residential addresses will be released to ticket holders. The tour is self-directed; tickets and a map will be issued via email.

Please read our ticket policy for this event:

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We need docents! Volunteers will be assigned a 2 hour shift and will receive one free ticket to the tour. Please be willing to commit to a 2 hour shift on Saturday, April 13th. Early shift times are 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and late shifts are 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ADU docents are present at the door, checking tickets and ensuring visitors are respectful. Please email  to volunteer. 

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