Architecture After Dark: Gluck+ House Tour and Talk 

Thursday January 25th, 2024     5:30 PM

Please join the L.A. Forum for a private tour and insightful talk with architect Peter Gluck at a truly remarkable residence.

Nestled on a steep north-facing hillside, this house designed and built by GLUCK+ offers an 180-degree panorama from the iconic Hollywood sign to the Burbank airport. Overcoming the challenges of building on what was once considered an unbuildable site, the house seamlessly blends into the landscape while providing a comfortable space for outdoor activities.

The innovative design bifurcates the building into distinct halves, each serving a unique function. The lower floor, carved into the hill, remains essentially invisible, housing bedrooms, bathrooms, storage, media room, and utility spaces. In contrast, a glass-sided pavilion on the upper level presents a sculptural form, creating a loft-like space for communal activities.

The sustainability features leverage the hillside location to meet California's stringent energy requirements. With over half of the house buried for passive cooling and heating, large glass sliders promoting cross ventilation, and solar panels discreetly integrated into the upturned roof, the house surpasses energy demands.

Join us on Thursday, Jan 25th for an inspiring experience, beginning with a reception and moderated conversation followed by a self-guided tour of the house.

5:30 - Sunset Arrival and Reception

6:15 - Conversation with Peter Gluck

7:00 - Self-guided Tour of the Home

Parking is limited. Rideshare and carpooling is encouraged. Please be advised the house is down a gravel walkway and two stories, so it is not wheelchair accessible. 

We look forward to sharing this exceptional space with you.

Non-member tickets ($25)

Student tickets ($15)

Member tickets ($10)